How to operate

This is quick operation learning course.  If you want learn full operation procedure, please read full manual.

How to start ChainOfAsker
If your PC has not Microsoft Silvelight, please install Microsoft Silverlight and Click next link.

Open ChainOfAsker ver3 (<= This is free service. So If you are interested in this approach, please try!)
To use ChainOfAsker, Please install Microsoft-Silverlight
  • ChainOfAsker start up by new browser window(or tab). So you can easily try following operations by switching browser window(or tab).
  • ChainOfAsker is using on demand Google App Engine cloud computing service. So it may require additional application loading time (5 to 10 second)  when you start accessing.

If your PC has not been installed Silverlight4
You will get following screen when you click above link. So please click message area to jump Microsoft Silverlight installation page and install Silverlight. Then please click above link to start ChainOfAsker.


How to extend or shrink Request and Task Tree

If you want Extend all
Go to "Project" tab and Click “ReDrawAll” button (#1)
or Click Request or Task title and Select “Expand All Req or Task” from menu (#2)
If you want Extend or Shrink specific Request
Go to "Project" tab and Click”+”(extend) or “-“(shrink)  (#3)
If you want extend all request or task which related to you
Go to "Project" tab and Click Request or Task title and Select “Expand to My Req or Task” from menu (#4)

How to show each Request or Task
Please do as follows
    1. Click Request or Task title  which you want to show detail
    2. Select "Show Detail"

How to create Request or Task
Please do as follows
  • For Request
    Please refer to request creation procedure in the screen shot page. To create top(or root) request, please select "Me related Project" for the parent request.

  • For Task
    Same to the request creation procedure but select Task at Req &Task detail Tab.

    Note: Difference between Request and Task 

How to change acting user(Tutorial-Mode only)
When you open ChainOfAsker at first time, It starts up by "Tutorial-Mode". Tutorial Mode is a special operation mode for self learning and here, user can act(or play) different user role to learn how to develop work plan by chained asking manner. To change acting user role, please do as follows.

  1. Select user from user list
  2. Click "Change User and Restart" Button
Just request receiver(Helper) can create child request or task of the accepted request . So if you want to add child request or task to the "Req Cooking" in the above screen shot, you must act(or play) chef_mac role because chef_mac is the request receiver(Helper) of "Req Cooking".  

Tutorial-Mode is a mode for self learning so you can not send real request to your member. To send real request, please change to "Web-Mode"(Please refer to the last article in this page).

This user role selection box disappear at Web-Mode.

How to set time relation(task dependency or sequence)
Please do as follows
  1. Check "Show Time Relation" check box
  2. Drag wave arrow line from ( preceding Request or Task) to (post Request or Task)

    To remove time relation, please click wave arrow (base circle or top arrow head is easy to click) then you get delete pop up. User is allowed to set time relation just for his/her created request and task so you never get unexpected time relation by other planner.

How to change progress or duration(Working DAY)
Please do as follows
  1. Click progress or duration of your target task to show incremental digit box
  2. Change number

    Progress and Duration can be changed at each Task detail page also
  • When you change progress or duration of terminal(or leaf) task , upper request progress or duration is changed automatically. 
  • If you change progress to 100% then "completed"status change window will pop up automatically.
  • Gray colored progress or duration is other one’s or the progress or duration of request (automatically calculated based on child tasks). So you can not change it.

How to change Due date
Please do as follows
  1. Click due date to show calendar
  2. Select due date
    Due date can be changed at each Task or Request detail page also
  • If "Auto" is selected then estimated due date is automatically calculated from final due date and post task duration.
  • Top Request can not be set "Auto".

How to change Status
Please do as follows
    1. Click status of target Request or Task to show pop up menu
    2. Select new status
      Status can be changed at each Request or Task detail page also
Status is changed as follows
  • User is allowed to create child request or task just for his/her accepted request. So please accept(change status to "accepted") the request which you got before adding child request or task.
    To accept, please open(read detail description) the request which you got then status is changed "opened" automatically. Once status is changed to "openned" user is allowed to change status either "NotAccepted" or "Accepted"(see above status transition diagram)
  • To send Request to other member. Please change status to "Asked".
  • "Planned" is the declaration of each request receiver(Helper) that he/she has issued all required child requests and tasks to realize what he/she accepted. So please change status to "Planned" when you issued all required requests and tasks.
  • "ChildPlanned" means that all of its descendant requests and tasks are  planned.(= request reached to the final task executer)

How to use your Google or GoogleApps contact List to designate Helper
ChainOfAsker default address book is project address book which list all member in the projects which user is involved. If you want to use your Google or GoogleApps contact list, please do as follows(Note: This function is available at Web-mode )
    1. Click "Add Helper" Button
    2. Select "GoogleContactList"
  • If it is top(or root) request, ChaonOfAsker force project initiator to issue top request to him/herself. So please create necessary requests under the top request.

How to write your requests and tasks due date to your Google calendar
Please do as follows(Note: This function is available at Web-mode )
  1. Click "MyReq&Task" tab
  2. Click "Write to My Calendar" and Select "Write to Google Calendar"
  • If you have no request or task on the "My Request or Task" table, nothing will be written to you calender.
  • Confirmed request, completed task, canceled request and task, will not be written to you calender.

How to sort
Click field name which user want to sort.

Sort function can be available at next table
  • My Request and task Table MyReq&Task Tab
  • Notification table at MyReq&Task Tab 
  • domain name and email at address book

How to change table width
Please do as follows
  1. Move mouse over the table top field header and wait cursor change its shape to both side arrow
  2. Drag mouse

How to use  "Update & Close" and "Update Now"

Update means following 2 function.
  1. sending your newly created request or task or changed data to server
  2. getting other member's newly created equest or task or changed data from server

Update and Close
When you shut down ChainOfAsker,  please click this button to conduct following process.
  • send the latest information to server
  • store the latest information to pc's local hard drive
Update Now
ChainOfAsker update data at start time and every 20 minutes. So usually user no need to click this button.  But when you talk about project plan with other member via phone, then both person must see same data. Then please click this button to get latest data from server.

How to change Web-Mode
You can send real request to your member at "Web-Mode". To change "Web-Mode", Please do as follows.
    1. Select About Tab
    2. Click "Change ti Web-Mode"

      ChainOfAsker require Google or Google Apps Account ID for user identification 

How to Change back to Tutorial-Mode
Please do as follows
    1. Select About Tab
    2. Click "Show Operation Panel"
    3. Select Tutorial-Mode
    4. Click "ReStart by Designated Mode" Button

When you change mode from W
eb-Mode to Tutorial Mode, Your existing Web-Mode project data is kept. So you can re-start your job management job by changing mode from Tutorial Mode to Web-Mode. This is useful when you teach new user by using your pc.

How to allow pop up window for Google Chrome browser
 Please do as follows

Meaning of Data Field 
Each data filed meaning is as follows.