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Flooding E-mail: Reason and Counter Measure

posted Mar 13, 2010, 3:01 AM by doc usui   [ updated Apr 14, 2010, 5:22 AM ]
Flooding email is very common at workplace. I think one of the possible reason is that e-mail is the general communication tool.  This versatility is great for software developer side but is this convenient for user side too?

For example, let’s imagine a web shopping site with no shopping cart and online payment system. Even site haven’t these function, we can order its product by email in which we write product name, count, address, card number and back and forth several times. Like this way it works but are you convenient?

Then let’s look at our workplace. At workplace, we are working to get our job done.  And to do this, we use email to get some job request from your boss or colleague, and brake down the job to several executable tasks and write e-mail to get someone’s help.  And we will add some additional information by e-mail, and get output by e-mail and summarize the all information and finally we use e-mail to send final output to the job requester.

This way of information handling is just not messy, but takes more time to search old mail, easy to miss-understand by different version, easy to lost, easy to forget due date.  So I feel we are working pre-shopping cart age at workplace and this the reason why we have flooding email.

ChainOfAsker is not versatile communication tool like email but it is designed to handle job and can handle it better than e-mail. This is same to other software like Excel is good for calculation PowerPoint is good for presentation.

And office software accomplished one step evolution by Object Linking and Embedding(OLE) technology. By applying this technology, Microsoft Word become organizing application which can embed Excel or other OLE object as a document parts like graph, photo, diagram and established document oriented work environment.

So now we can concentrate our attention to Word document without paying attention to each table or graph because these are the child parts of targeted document and can be managed through Word document.  I think this approach makes our document developing job extremely convenient.

I think we need same evolution for  groupware. Current groupware is providing an E-mail, ToDo, or personal scheduler but these are parts functions to get our job done but current groupware is not providing a function to use these parts functions by organized way to get our job done.

ChainOfAsker is an organizing or parent application with job oriented approach. Because we can get job by “Request”(equivalent of e-mail function in current group ware ) and create “sub-Request”(equivalent of ToDo function) and can add  various information by “Additional information”(equivalent of electronic board or file system function) and get notified(equivalent of scheduler and ToDo function) when we must react.

Like this way ChainOfAsker keep information link from job oriented view. So I believe ChainOfAsker can make our work planning and executing job extremely convenient like OLE done for document development job. And also this approach relieve flooding email problem too.