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Self Planning: Energy Source of Autonomy

posted Mar 5, 2010, 10:21 PM by doc usui   [ updated Apr 2, 2010, 10:59 PM ]
It is widely talked that member’s motivation, enthusiasm and desire to get it done is very important in the collaborative management.  Then what is the most important to produce these attitude?  I think it is to delegate  planning right(= Each member develop their work plan by themselves) to each member.

The reason why I think so is that everyone like to work based on his/her developed plan, and if it is his/her planned task and schedule, everyone try to get it done to keep their credibility in the team. Self motivated work increase their successful rate of the task. And once they can complete their planned task, they will get respect from team member, it make them happy, the happiness make them confident and conduct their job more proactively.

Even he/she encounter the trouble or failure, they will eager to find root cause of the failure to fix the problem because it was their developed plan. And finally they find root cause of the problem and recover the problem. This is the learning process through failure and they never repeat same mistake..

But if they failed based on your plan, it is your failure but not them. So given plan have no power to educate them through failure but just increase management job, deteriorate manager’s credibility and degenerate team’s moral.  As this way, we can breed team’s motivation and autonomy by delegating planning right to each member.

Delegation can be done without any IT tool but it is also true that delegation means increase of planner and more planner means more difficult to grasp whole project view. Then I think ChainOfAsker is one of the possible option to keep whole view under multiple planner environment. 

ChainOfAsker is a mix of top down work brake down procedure and bottom up scheduling. By using this feature, we can adjust the chunk of the job which we will delegate to the size which each member can digest. I think a little bit  bigger is the best to stimulate member’s challenging mind.

Might be this is a little bit risky process but I think without this process we can not cultivate member who has both eager mindset and superior technical skill. But please remember that we no need to fear this process because we are already doing this delegation when we ask something by email.  So I think ChainOfAsker is the safer way than email because we can keep watching whole project and of its progress under delegated multiple planner environment.