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Why I've Developped ChainOfAsker

posted Feb 26, 2010, 11:51 PM by doc usui   [ updated Mar 5, 2010, 6:42 PM ]
Thank you to visit ChainOfAsker support site.

ChainOfAsker is my one year weekend private work to realize what I think most required function to manage our daily job. I have been working engineering development and management job mainly for production line design. installation, CAD/CAM software system design and  Information management system.

The reason why I developed this application is simply I could not use effectively current groupware and project management tool to manage my job.

Current groupware has many useful functions like e-mail, ToDo, Schedule. Although these functions are very useful but I felt that current groupware is not providing procedure and mechanism to use these functions in an organized way to plan and propel our daily job.

Compare to groupware, project management system has clear planning and follow up procedure but their project manager centric approach does not match more cooperative working style which I want.  For example,  I usually ask what I want without showing how to do it. Because I know they can plan it by themselves and they like to do it by themselves. I think this kind of job delegation is widely used in our workplace.

I have been thinking what way of support style best fit to manage our daily job and one day I found that all of our  cooperation start form asking someone to do something. And soon I recognize that we can built job planning and follow up system based on “Act of Asking”.

It takes around 9 month for programming and 3 month for web site, user manual, and demo video preparation. Client side is developed by Microsoft-Silverlight and Server side is developed by Google App Engine Java and using Google server to run server side program.

There are a lot of discussion on the web regarding management or project management style like Project Management 2.0, Collaborative Management, Cooperative Management, or Participative Management  but I think all these emphasize rapid action plan change under the member's cooperation rather than preplanned schedule.

ChainOfAsker is a tool to support these way of Management style but this tool is not developed based on these methodology but it is developed more primitive procedure of our cooperation procedure “Act of Asking”. So it all up to you how to use this system even you can use this system old project manager centralized planning style by creating very detail request just below your root request and ask to do it with specific duration. 

I think it is realistic to use mixed way because we have a both well trained member who want to create his working plan  by themselves  and the junior member who need detail task indication. So as you ask something by e-mail, you can issue detail step by step request for junior member and for experienced member, you can issue rough request to leave room for experience member to develop their work plan.

ChainOfAsker has function to create Work Breakdown Structure and Gantt chart So you will feel this is project management system. But I think "Act of Asking" is a everybody's daily job conduct to work together. So please use ChainOfAsker casually like when you ask something by email. 

I believe once you use this tool you will recognize importance of  planning capability(or change, or evolution of plan to meet latest condition ) of each member by seeing increasing requests in the team. So I think this the tool for everyone who work together.